Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Love Lucy



Lucy, a 12 year old Shetland pony had lived most her life in pain. Lucy has a degenerative eye condition, that went untreated by her abusive owner, Lucy slowly went blind. Worse was the agonizing pain that Lucy suffered as the pressure behind her eyes grew.

When El Dorado County animal control was contacted they immediately removed Lucy from her abusive home and placed her in the care of The Grace Foundation an equine rescue organization, but the prognosis was grim. Lucy was completely blind and in horrible pain. Her condition was irreversible and the attending Veterinarian recommended humane euthanasia to end her prolonged suffering.

Alone for most her life, she was paired with “Festus” a mini mule that had also suffered from years of abuse, and their friendship blossomed. Festus became Lucy’s eyes, and the pair was immediately inseparable. Lucy also bonded with her caretakers and the children that visited the ranch. It seemed unimaginable to have to end Lucy’s life when she was finally safe from her years of neglect.

The only other option- a total enucleation (Removal) of both eyes. A surgery that would cost thousands of dollars but would allow her to live out her life “pain free”. Now The Grace Foundation is asking for the communities help in getting Lucy the life saving surgery.

If Lucy is able to get the surgery her journey will not end there. Eventually she will join the equine team of healers and will spend her life working with disadvantaged and emotionally and physically challenged children.

Lucy is not the only vision impaired pony at the ranch, she joins:

Cotton- a 10 year old Arabian mare was rescued after her owners decided to remove her injuried eye themselves, leaving her mangled and disfigured. Today Cotton is one of the most popular riding horses at the ranch.

Mariah- a 20 year old appaloosa mare, is completely blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. She was found wondering the roads in El Dorado County.

Penny- a 7 month old paint filly was born totally blind.

They are part of the one hundred horses that live at the ranch. Last year these horses helped five thousand children that visited the ranch.

Please help save Lucy’s life, and help make this a

Wonderful before and after story

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