Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello all:

I am done with my shots.... well, Dr. Russel would have liked to have me on the shots a few more days, BUT this little pony put down the law!! NO MORE!!! ( he he he, I won!) Well, we negotiated, and I agreed to take oral antibiotics. I can do that, at least that tastes like molasses.

Check out my shades! Aren't those the coolest! Got a little bling-bling on them, and I really think that blue eyes are very becoming! I especially like the leopard printed faux-fur on it. IS THAT ME, OR WHAT!! I am feelin' good!

Dr. Russel said the incisions are healing well, so I am guessing that is a good thing, right?

My man, Festus, is liking to hang with me again.....must be those fantastic shades! He was a little shy for a couple days, I guess that is how he shows that he is worried. He is a man, what can I say.... just kidding!

Did I tell you that I LOVE my shades :) ... Oh, that's right, I did ....

'til later,

Lucy aka Cuteness :)

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