Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good evening everyone,

I am happy to tell you that Dr. Russell has taken some of my stitches out. He said that it looks really great. My care takers come in every day and clean my eyes with nice warm water and a soft sponge.... they know what I like ! After the cleaning Festus and I get to go for a walk and enjoy grass in a near by field. Life is pretty good! Carrots, endless stable mix, hay and grass.....what do you think? :)

I have joined the Committee for the Visually Impaired Equine. Our board members are currently working on a special pasture for the blind at the ranch. As you know I am not the only one with a visual challenge out there. Our newest member is a little filly. She arrived with her mom and is a very happy, friendly little girl.

It is off to bed for me... I talk to you all later. ~ Lucy

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Sasha Najera said...

I think a blind pasture is a great idea for Tawny, Lucy, Mariah, and a few of the other visually impaired horses! I went to one barn where they laid tanbark five feet wide along the fence line and around the feeding troughs, so the horses could avoid whacking something. I think this could help Tawny, who runs into stuff all the time.